Ozon Theswua
       Ozon is an American avant-garde visual artist and photographer. Southern born and Southern raised in Columbia, SC, he is a self-taught artist and photographer, who uses his natural-born artistic ability and imagination to create wildy imaginative surrealism art. His surrealism art works allow him to create and explore without boundaries or inhibitions. His work is the combination of thoughts, experiences, imagination, and dreams. 
Ozon's innate capacity for art and refusal to conform to artistic norms, allows him an uninhibited creative freedom. His goal in art is not to tell you what to think, but to make you feel.

Artist Statement

Born Ozon Theswua Wilson, Ozon is from a small town on the Southern East Coast of the United States. A self-taught artist and photographer he works with both digital medium and medium format analog cameras. He uses his creative talent and ability to create something visually stimulating from little or nothing. Ozon specializes in digital art collage and photography, focusing on human beauty through portraiture, fine art and digital collage. His goal is to go beyond the bounds of what art is supposed to be.Ozon's natural eye for creating, instinct, and self-confidence allow him to create powerful images and brand his own style of creative portraiture. He frames fashion, beauty and celebrity in his distinctive, polished editorial style. Working in full studio or on location he always captures the intrinsic qualities of his subjects with his own edgy, clean and sophisticated approach. His work has been published internationally in Milan, Italy. His works have also appeared in Blackfolio Magazine, Iconic Artist Magazine, WINK, Vogue Italia, and on Kodak's Iconic Times Square Kodarama screen in New York City. He was a 701 Center for Contemporary Art SC Biennial 2023 artist and was also selected as an artist for the Columbia Metropolitan Airport 2024-2025 Art in the Airport. In the end, my goal is to make art. Art that moves. Art that questions. Art that evokes emotion. Art that's pure. This is my ART. My PASSION. My FREEDOM. 

"My ART is not dependent on your understanding of it. I create art because I am in LOVE with it." 
                                                         - Ozon Theswua 

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